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The NSW Curriculum SharePoint site it cloned on a particular date at the end of the year, provided during Term 4 to your school.  These house a copy of your previous years programs and are accessible, but not editable by staff.  This means that you don't need to have copies of previous years Teaching and Learning documentation in your main school area.  All you need to do it update the one live document on your computer and everything will sync up assuming that you have completed the other steps correctly.

Locating the Archives

  1. Head to the NSW Curriculum SharePoint
  2. On the left hand side click on the arrow next to Curriculum Documents to revel the previous years archived Teaching & Learning documentation
  3. Navigate through the folder/file you are looking for.  
    1. You can open the file in word online and copy out what you need for this current years program
    2. Download the file and then re upload to your current years program.

Removing Older Folders from the Live Site

  1. Since everything is now archived in the pervious years folder you only need to have the current years Teaching and Learning documentation in the main curriculum site.  Previous years folders can now be removed.  If you are unsure you can always check the archive prior to removing the folder.

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