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Creating an EOTC | EOTC Proposal | EOTC Day/Overnight/Overseas | Continuing/Editing/Approving an EOTC

Creating an EOTC

Navigate to your school page and click on the EOTC button

This will take you to the following page, click on the relevant button for what you are needing to create.

EOTC Proposal is a pre approval form for excursions and not the EOTC form required.  Not all schools use this in EOTC procedures.  If you are unsure check with your principal or head of school.


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EOTC Day/Overnight/Overseas Excursion

Complete the form as per the following guide and the information on the note.  Please note only fill in the Red Questions only on this form and read the information regarding the names of the documents being upload in order for your form to work smoothly.

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Continuing/Editing/Approving an EOTC

To add to/edit/approve an EOTC in the system you will need to head to form results in you school page.

Then select the EOTC Trip Proposal, to approve a proposal, or EOTC Trip Submission to add to/edit/approve an EOTC

Once there follow the step in the video below about accessing and editing an EOTC.

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