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Click here to create a new Yearly WHS Maintenance and Improve Task page. Refer to the WHS Task Page for more information.

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Click here to sign off on each quarter. This form is required to be submitted after the WHS Maintenance, and Improvements Tasks have been completed for the corresponding quarter.

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This lists all the past and current WHS Maintenance and Improvement task pages. Click on one to open, cmd + Click (Mac) or Ctrl + click (Windows) top open in a new tab.

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These labels MUST be added to a newly created page for the page to appear on the list above.

You can quickly add a label to a page by pressing "L" on the open page

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WHS Maintenance and Improvement Tasks Page

When creating a new WHS task list enter the year of the WHS tasks being completed.

Then click on the label icon 

and add the label that is relevant for your school.  This found on your school's WHS page

Click publish to save your page

Tutorial on using the WHS reporting tool

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